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Interior designers shift to digital planning


By David Wilfong


The global pandemic has shut down work for many. For others, there is a greater move in the already-ongoing shift to working online. Interior designers can complete a lot of the work process even while minimizing the face-to-face contact necessary to curb the spread of the virus.

“Until this order is lifted, we will continue to work remotely,” Heather Scott Home & Design told its customers on its online blog. “Most of our design work, presentations and meetings have shifted to a digital platform, which means we can still plan and help you with any new or existing projects during this time. ... We just need simple measurements and photos to work on designing the room or home of your dreams!

“With just a few photos, measurements, or even a link to your home from a realtor website, our team can start scheming and planning your space. In your presentation, we will provide you with a color palette, to scale floor plans, furniture, art, accessory recommendations and more.”

While it may be a while before finishing out that dream home, there is no reason why a homeowner cannot move forward and get the ball rolling in the planning phase.

In interior design, a lot of preliminary work can be carried out online. JOHN SCHNOBRICH / UNSPLASH

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